Product Authentication and Customer Engagement Experts

VerifyMe works closely with corporate security experts and brand owners to understand your brand protection and customer engagement challenges. We bring together world-class physical, digital and online technology to create comprehensive, customized product authentication and engagement solutions—to help protect your brand and grow your business.

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We solve counterfeiting and diversion challenges.

We understand counterfeiting and diversion are incredibly complex challenges—and highly sensitive topics—that can result in millions of dollars in lost revenue. These issues have the potential to erode consumer trust in ways that can damage the very core of your brand.

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We enable product-level customer engagement.

With the right approach, you can flip the situation in your favor and use VerifyMe authentication and engagement solutions to create new levels of transparency, trust, and loyalty. You can also gain end-to-end supply chain visibility, and newfound business intelligence, oversight, enforcement, and control.

The VerifyMe Difference

Smart package solutions and cutting-edge technologies

We combine security expertise with innovative technologies and industry-leading partners to help solve business-critical challenges.




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Marketplace monitoring

Extensive expertise

We take time to understand your business challenges to create anti-counterfeiting, anti-diversion, and consumer engagement strategies that address your specific needs.

We draw from a full spectrum of world-class authentication, traceability, and communication technologies to create integrated solutions for your unique requirements. We offer:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Engagement Solutions
  • Authentication Solutions
  • Traceability Solutions
  • Online Brand Protection Monitoring Solutions

World-class partners

Start solving your business-critical challenges.