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Cosmetics manufacturers experience issues making sure that their brand isn’t harmed by the sale of inferior, and sometimes even toxic, counterfeit product. The unauthorized product is sold through different channels, like outdoor markets, for much lower prices. This illegal product looks eerily similar in terms of labeling and packaging but contains sub-par ingredients, which can cause a host of issues for unwitting consumers. How can a brand owner verify the authenticity of the product?

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What VerifyMe
Can Do

VerifyMe can help by having our technology included on the product’s labels and packaging, mitigating counterfeit product issues. Since partnering with us, one major cosmetic manufacturer has seen a significant drop in counterfeit product issues. The company conducts regular field inspections, is able to shut down counterfeit activity, and it’s a win-win for everybody.

Solution Details


VerifyInk™ can be used to print invisible marks on products, which can then be scanned by a small handheld detection device to authenticate the mark and product. Since counterfeiters cannot see that mark, they are unable to accurately reproduce the manufacturer’s packaging.


VerifyInk™ can also be deployed to embed invisible serial numbers and/or QR codes onto packaging or labels, that are then linked to a robust traceability system. This code can then be located, scanned, and interpreted, and the data recorded using the VerifyChecker™ device.

Easy to use, proprietary tools

The VerifyChecker™ is a small scanner with an extended battery life, is Bluetooth-enabled, and can be worn around the neck with a lanyard for convenience in the field. The device feeds our serialization software system, enabling brand owners to monitor work of inspectors.

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