Trace Events Across the Supply Chain

VerifyMe Traceability™ uses non-invasive methods
to integrate, collect, and store all traceable lifecycle events.

Gain supply chain insight
and know what is happening with all events—from product manufacturer to consumer engagement.

Improve brand loyalty
by captivating consumers at
point of purchase, point of use,
and beyond.

Receive robust business intelligence about real-time diversion activity including
reporting and alerts.

How VerifyMe Traceability™ Helps

Diversion and piracy directly impact revenue and disrupt business operations. VerifyMe provides serialization, comprehensive supply chain mapping, transaction reporting, and shipment data to keep you informed each step of the way. World-view metrics with unit-level geolocation information and heat maps are also provided.

Beyond knowing exactly what is happening in your supply chain, VerifyMe Traceability™ delivers built-in authentication capabilities that can be leveraged for brand promotion, engagement, and transparency.

VerifyMe Authenticate QR Code example on box

The Technology

shipment boxes with qr codes

The first step to successful traceability is generating codes for each item in a shipment using VerifyCode™. The units are serialized, scanned, and associated with case packs, pallets, and shipping containers. Our invisible codes make it impossible for bad actors to destroy or replace these tracking codes.

scanning boxes in factory with phone

As the item progresses to its destination, transaction reporting automatically triggers alerts and actions, giving you full knowledge of the goods in transit. Shipment data and detail reporting provide incredible accuracy, collecting the GPS location within 2 feet of each customer or inspector scan. Real-time diversion activity reporting and alerts immediately inform you if any part of a shipment veers off the established route.

Solution Components


Printed onto a variety of products enabling brand protection


Embedded, scannable microtechnology for a range
of applications


QR codes and
tamper-evident labels to safeguard products


Serialization to support
traceability and

Discover how VerifyMe Traceability™ can be used in a variety of applications to stop counterfeiting.

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