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Build Sales and Extend Relationships

VerifyMe Engage™ helps you meet customers where they are.

Take advantage of a
huge opportunity
as growing smartphone usage meets exciting smart packaging technology.

Create powerful brand
engagement opportunities
with VerifyMe cloud-based authentication software combined with mobile web experiences.

Connect products and
consumers instantly
and engage customers on their terms with QR codes.

How VerifyMe Engage™ Helps

We help brand owners connect with consumers at point of sale, point of use, and point of consumption by providing product information, promotions, customer support, and product registration opportunities.

Turning authentication into brand building helps ensure customer safety and proves your commitment to product purity. It also demonstrates sustainability and supply chain integrity.

And as customers engage, you gain highly relevant and timely business intelligence by capturing data and preference information. You also gain comprehensive supply chain visibility with location-specific data, situational analysis, and the ability to aggregate and analyze purchase patterns.

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The Technology

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By leveraging VerifyQR™ and VerifyChip™ technology, you can seamlessly link product authentication and customer engagement strategies to create powerful Smart Packaging solutions.

Consumers simply scan the product with their smartphone to see if it’s authentic. Then customized mobile landing pages deliver customers’ product information, coupons, loyalty incentives, and more. Product authentication can be transparent to the customer or simply take place in the background.

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It’s an easy way to build powerful brand relationships. VerifyMe APIs can integrate with your brand’s existing enterprise systems. You may also choose dynamic, customizable mobile experiences tailored to your brand with complete messaging flexibility.

Solution Components


Embedded, scannable microtechnology for a range of applications


QR codes and tamper-evident labels to safeguard products


Serialization to support
traceability and

Discover how VerifyMe Engage™ can be used in a variety of applications to stop counterfeiting.

Start solving your business-critical challenges.