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Verify Your Beverage Supply Chain and Authenticate Product

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Counterfeiting in the spirits industry is so rampant many brand owners consider it a competitor. Not only is this an issue of a reduced bottom line and decreased brand equity, in many cases these counterfeit products are deadly, with counterfeiters substituting industrial alcohol, turpentine, or even jet fuel for the actual spirit. One producer in Asia, believes that 8% of the product being sold with its labeling is counterfeit, yet they didn’t have a good method of authenticating product.

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What VerifyMe Can Do

VerifyMe can help beverage manufacturers quickly penetrate the market with a solution that helps them understand what was real and counterfeit. Producers are able to visit warehouses and distribution centers, open cases on a statistical sampling basis, and authenticate product. If illegitimate product is present, or if distributors are buying fake products, they are able to identify and address the issue. Most importantly, goods can be removed from sale, nobody gets hurt, and the brand stays vibrant.

Solution Details

Quick authentication

VerifyInk™ can be custom-blended to match branding. Using a VerifyChecker™, brand inspectors are quickly able to authenticate legitimate bottles. They know where it was tested and where the product has traveled throughout the supply chain.

Inspecting the inspectors

Brand owners know whether inspectors are doing their job or not, as they are now able to verify that inspection has occurred. The VerifyChecker™ is Bluetooth-enabled so all inspections will be recorded in the cloud. Brand owners can see activity per inspector to validate the work is being carried out.

Simple to geo-locate issues

While inspecting product, personnel in the field will log into a mobile app. On each scan, the information is collated in the cloud; brand owners will know which inspector did the test, if it was a positive or negative sample, and the date, time, and location where it was tested.


It’s also possible to place an invisible serial number or QR code on all bottles. This enables a quick authentication test, as well as traceability. The manufacturer could know where the product has traveled throughout the supply chain.

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  • VerifyChecker™

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