Chris Gardner shares VerifyMe’s Commitment to Fighting Counterfeits

VerifyMe shareholder and Board of Director member Chris Gardner is well known for the award-winning motion picture The Pursuit of Happyness inspired by his life story. In the film, Will Smith portrays Gardner’s struggle with homelessness while raising his toddler son. He faced many obstacles to achieve happiness, but Gardner’s determination for a better life presevered him to become the businessman, best-selling author, and philanthropist he is today.

Chris Gardner joined VerifyMe’s Board in 2019. He has helped us accelerate our business growth with his advice, guidance, and network of relationships.

Chris represented VerifyMe at the EMEA Security Conference in Dubai that addressed the threat of illicit trade and counterfeits. During his opening remarks at the conference, Chris shared VerifyMe’s commitment to fighting dangerous counterfeits. Chris said, “We are all concerned about the future and at VerifyMe we attempt to assure that the future is safe for all of us.”

VerifyMe, Inc. was awarded for its innovative Authentication Technology “VerifyMe Authenticate™” to Eliminate Illicit Trade & Counterfeits at the EMEA Security Conference & Exhibition.

VerifyMe is a leader in product authentication, consumer engagement, and brand protection. Learn about using overt and covert technology to prevent counterfeiting in the VerifyMe blog.