Manuka Health Limited leverages VerifyMe QR codes to participate in Amazon Transparency

Lake Mary, FL – March 20, 2024 – PRNewswire — VerifyMe, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRME) together with its subsidiaries, Trust Codes Global Limited (“Trust Codes Global”) and PeriShip Global LLC (“PeriShip Global”), (together “VerifyMe,” “we,” “our,” or the “Company”) provides brand owners time and temperature sensitive logistics, supply chain traceability, authentication, anti-counterfeiting, and data-rich brand enhancement services, announced today global honey brand Manuka Health has become its first end-to-end integration with Amazon’s Transparency service to further integrate VerifyMe’s brand protection within the Amazon marketplace.

VerifyMe selected Manuka Health as the first customer to take advantage of VerifyMe’s product cloud and machine learning anti-counterfeit capability seamlessly integrated with the Amazon Transparency service. VerifyMe’s unique, per item, codes are tracked in Amazon’s systems and authenticated prior to a customer’s order shipment.

Mānuka honey from New Zealand is prized for its properties and celebrated globally due to its rich flavor profile and unique health characteristics, along with limited availability. Because of its prized status in the honey world, Mānuka honey products are frequently the target of counterfeiters. Manuka Health, a global leader in Mānuka Honey have linked their current VerifyMe® item level identification QR code with Amazon Transparency’s protection program to enhance trust with consumers that the product they are getting is genuine Mānuka honey.

“We are already using VerifyMe’s product authentication cloud to engage with our customers to provide them with a way to authenticate our products. Amazon is an important part of our expanding distribution strategy. Tracing our honey is part of VerifyMe’s solution, and now we are seamlessly extending product authentication to our customers in Amazon’s stores as part of the Transparency program” said Jodie Keenan, Group Innovation and Growth Manager from Manuka Health.

“The extension of this collaboration arises from Manuka Health already implementing VerifyMe’s product serialization on their products. This now means integration with Amazon Transparency’s protections is easier, faster, and doesn’t require any changes to our existing manufacturing and packaging processes” Ms. Keenan further commented.

Brands that use unique per item codes from the VerifyMe platform can now have products authenticated as genuine in Amazon’s stores and marketplace prior to fulfillment, without any changes to existing manufacturing and packaging processes.

“We believe many of our customers will benefit from this initiative. We are excited to support our customers and Amazon as they protect consumers from counterfeits” said VerifyMe’s CEO Adam Stedham. “Our acquisition of Trust Codes in 2023 gave us an interoperable and scalable GS1 harmonized product authentication cloud that we were able to integrate with Amazon Transparency. This is an important initiative that gives consumers and brands more information and helps prove authenticity for products sold through online and offline platforms” he said.

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